NoTramAoS – A No Trammel Ultima Online: Age of Shadows Free Server

How To Connect:

1.) Download and Install an Ultima Online Client

2.) Download and Install ClassicUO, UOSteam, UORazor, Sallos, or any other launcher to connect to free servers. We suggest ClassicUO!

3.) Configure the launcher with the correct “Shard” and the correct port. The NoTramAoS shard address is:

Port: 2593

4.) Start the game with your chosen launcher

5.) Accounts are automatically generated on NoTramAos. Simply put in a unique account name and password and the account will be made.

6.) Select the only server available which should be NoTramAoS.

7.) Create a new character. We suggest starting as a female because you have double the choices of armor which makes it easier to assemble a great suit of armor. A skill ball and a statball are placed into your bag when starting a new character as well as an ethereal mount. The skillball will allow you to set 7 skills to 75% and the statball will allow you to set your stats. They cannot go over 100 and you must use all of your points. We suggest 100 str, 25 dex, 100 int to start.