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The Duel Arena is Open Twice a Day, at

There are two gates that lead to it. One on top of Brit Bank and the other at Bucs Den near the pentagram.

The Duel Arena has multiple types of duels you can challenge players to as well as a leader board on the side of Brit Bank.

Duel Types

There are several Duel categories. When you talk to the Duel Master you get to choose the type of duel. After that you may set additional options.

  • Normal Duel: Everything goes, you can set any option you want in the next screen.
  • Normal Mage Fight: 80 magery
  • True Mage Fight: 80 magery, first 4 options checked, ranged (you cant move to your target)
  • Ultimate Mage Fight: 80 magery, first 8 options checked, Items provided, ranged (you cant move to your target)
  • Normal Dex Fight: a few warrior skills
  • True Dex Fight: a few warrior skills, first 4 options checked
  • Ultimate Dex Fight: a few warrior skills, first 8 options checked, Items provided

When you select someone to duel they will receive a request from you. It will show them your rank and points as well as the raw stats of the character and all options that were chosen.

To start dueling you will have to pay 2000 gp for 1v1 and 1000 gp for 2v2.

The Score

Duel score is recorded for each category separately. If you win, you get some points according to your opponent's score, and they use the same amount of points.

You lose 1 point in the respective category every time that you do not accept a duel at the Duel Arena. If you want to be the champion, you should accept every challenge you get. Otherwise you shouldn't care about your points.

If your points are less than -6 in some duel category, you will not lose any more points.

You can request to see your statistics scroll at the scribe inside the arena. Clicking the arrows will show you all players with scores in the selected category.

The Reward

When winning a duel you receive a check of 2800 gp. 30% of the collected gold goes to the duelmaster's pockets and the rest of the duel cost is added to the pot.

The scores are reset every month. When doing so the three highest ranked in each category will receive a part of the money in the pot, based on their rank of course.

Also the Champion in each category will receive a duel belt, which states the month and type that they was best in. This belt can only be worn by the champion, so there is no use trading it. It will be passed on to the next month's winner. It can be dyed in all Tokuno Pigment colors by double-clicking it.

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