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Cursed Cave Quest


You will find the entrance of the Cursed Cave north end of the Britain Graveyard.

At the entrance of the cave you will see Warren the Paladin Guard - he's doing his best to keep the cursed creatures inside their cave, but he needs some help of course. The Cursed still manage to go out of the cave from time to time and steal tools and other items from the local people. If you find and return ten of the missing items, you will receive a small reward from Warren. There is a small chance to get the Harvester of the Ghost in the reward bag.

Magic has no effect in the cave, nor does hypnotic music. Pets dare not enter the cave, so only the bravest and strongest warriors can help fighting the Cursed.

Warren the Guard will reward every warrior who manages to kill a few cursed creatures. If you are lucky, you will receive the Longsword of Justice or the Bow of Hephaestus.
Armor of the Paladin - Reward from the Cursed Cave quest, consists of random plate mail parts with +5 chivalry and other properties

Levels 1 and 2

You will find the following special creatures in the cave:

  • Cursed
  • Cursed Warrior
  • Cursed Skeleton
  • Deva the Cursed One
  • Cursed Archer

Level 3

Level 3 of the Cursed Cave is be perfect for veteran warriors and thieves. Just as in the other levels magic does not work here.

Within this level you will find:

  • New dungeon chests that have better loot than normal dungeon chests. They have red color and at least 91 lockpicking is needed.
  • Sturdy tools - from The Cursed Crafters in the Cursed Cave, level 3.
  • Stealable rare items:
  1. Rarity 1: Sturdy Smith Hammer
  2. Rarity 1: Sturdy Saw
  3. Rarity 3: Sturdy Prospectors Tool
  4. Rarity 3: Sturdy Mortar and Pestle
  5. Rarity 4: Small Web
  6. Rarity 5: Empty ToolKit
  7. Rarity 5: Wall Torch South
  8. Rarity 5: Wall Torch East
  9. Rarity 6: Books
  10. Rarity 7: Plucked Chicken
  11. Rarity 9: Empty Tub (container)
  12. Rarity 9: Broken Chest Of Drawers
  13. Rarity 11: Bucket (container)

Special Creatures

  • Cursed Blacksmith
  • Cursed Butcher
  • Cursed Carpenter
  • Cursed Alchemist
  • Cursed Archer
  • Cursed Guardian
  • Hephaestus the God of Fire - If you manage to kill Hephaestus the God of Fire, you have a small chance to receive a 7th Anniversary Gift. Luck will increase the chance to get one of these gifts. To enter his room, you will need a magical key that can be found somewhere at level 3. If you are in a party and open the door to Hephaestus, all other party members will also be invited to join.

7th Anniversary Gifts

  • Royal Leggings of Embers
  • Rose of Trinsic
  • Shamino's Best Crossbow
  • The Tapestry of Sosaria
  • Hearth of the Home Fire
  • The Holy Sword
  • Ancient Samurai Helm
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