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Exporter and Importer

The Importer and Exporter are both found near the South East docks of Britain. The Exporter will take the common BOD rewards from blacksmithing such as gargoyles pickaxes and shovels and give you coins for them that can be used at the Importer.

The Importer will offer the following house items.

  • Ornate Elven Chair
  • Cozy Elven Chair
  • Elven Forge Deed
  • Elven Stove Deed
  • Elven Reading Chair
  • Tall Elven Bed Deed
  • Fancy Elven Table
  • Elven Wash Basin
  • Elven Spinning Wheel
  • Elven Loveseat
  • Elven Bed
  • Elven Dresser
  • Orante Wooden Chest
  • Gilded Wooden Chest
  • Plain Wooden Chest



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