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Factions FAQ + Tips

Sigil corruption time is 10 hours, not 18 Faction quit time is 2 days, not 7 You can gain kill points from someone right after you have been killed by them, no matter how much time has passed since your previous kill.
Faction monsters (Wisp, Ogre Lord, Silver Serpent, Daemon) drop silver only in the special Faction Dungeon.
You now need 700 total skill points to join a faction.
You can gain faction kill points from someone as soon as you have been killed by them, even though there has been less than 3 hours from your previous kill.
Anyone can resurrect their faction War Horse through the context menu of the horse - it does not require any skill.

Commanding Lord/Lady

10 points needed to run for Commanding Lord or Lady of your faction.
Faction vendors work best next to the bank, making it very easy to buy regs/bottles/boards/ore and bank them.
Faction traps work best in spots people have only one tile to run over there for they have to hit them, two in a row is a great set up for a kill shot.
A good trustworthy Deputy Commander will make your reign a lot easier You can assign a new Deputy Commander by saying “I wish to appoint a new Deputy Commander” Town stones are located right by the town sigils Town stones allow you to appoint and fire your current sheriff/finance minister of that city.


I am sheriff [to hire guards and view the towns finances/silver]
Orders [to get their attention]
Follow [to follow you]
Patrol [they will wander in the area you say this in]

Finance Minister

I wish to access the city treasury [allows you to change town taxes, hire vendors, see the towns finances/silver


80.1 stealing to steal a sigil and help your faction.
you get 1 point for recapturing it from other factions or monolith
you get 2 points when you capture a city by bringing the sigil from your stronghold to the town monolith
Sigil corruption time is 10 hours
A dead ghost in your sigil room will allow you to see who took your sigils where, if your quick about it you may even keep your current timer.
Dispatch enemy Thieves first, its a soft target, easier to kill, one less person to cross heal, steal your sigils.

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