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Labyrinth is a custom dungeon. The portal to get to the Labyrinth entrance is located in Luna at the Northwest corner inside the wall. Head West out of the portal to find the entrance to Labyrinth. Fight monsters and open chests in the Labyrinth for a chance to get Gem Fragments. Trade gem fragments for rewards such as Evo Weapons, clothing, and house decor.

Labyrinth Portal

Labyrinth Entrance


Evo Weapons

Cleaver of Ages

Daisho of Ages

Sickle of Ages

Waraxe of Ages

Warfork of Ages


  • Ninja Tabi
  • Samurai tabi
  • Female Elvan Robe
  • Male Elven Robe

House Decor

  • Screen
  • House Ladder Deed
  • Blue SoulStone
  • Powerscroll Book (Like BOD book)
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