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Note: These are a relic of the old DFI forums and may or may not be helpful. We have not significantly changed the server from old DFI so they may be helpful as a rough guide.

PvM/PvE Builds
Cursed Cave Custom Arti XP'er
Written by X Lady X

120 Combat skill [not wrestle or archery]
[LoJ and HoG both have “use best weapon skill” So when your disarmed you fall back on your parrying]

120 Tactics
100 Anatomy
100 Healing
120 Parrying [This is crucial, you just won't be hit very much with parrying, making XP'ing easy]
100 Meditation [Armor ignore for the LoJ, Mortal Strike for the HoG]
60 Focus [Passive stam/mana recovery on top of your GM Meditation]


STR 80 [90 HP is plenty for PvM, 80 STR isn't the best damage but its enough]

DEX 125 [Parry and swing speed is based off of dex, which is why its maxed

INT 30 [30 int allows you to use any special weapon move]

Play style

Its pretty basic, you use your weapon special hits to kill the cursed monsters pretty easily even with a level 1 weapon, You have decent passive mana regain so it doesn't take very long to kill the target and or even XP a custom artifact to its max, level 10.


Its PvM simple really, don't pull 50 monsters at a time. You don't have resist on this char so keep it in the cursed cave unless you want to be dropped in a few spells. If you can get a magic user to chase you into the cursed cave its a different story then.

Cursed Cave Archer
Written by X Lady X

120 Archery [high end damage]
120 Tactics [high end damage]
120 Anatomy [high end damage/heals]
120 Healing [high end heals]
120 Meditation [armor ignore is your best friend]
120 Focus [very nice passive stam/mana regain]


STR 80 [90 hp is enough to live on, 80 strength is enough strength to to decent damage]

DEX 125 [archery's swing speed is based on stam/dex so maxing it only makes sense]

INT 30 [enough to use weapon special moves]


-Don't stand next to your target, your an archer, make him come to you and then off screen.

-The BoH has more range than the X bows or Heavy X bow archers in CC, you can simply stay two steps ahead of one of these other archers with less range and never be hit as your hitting him every other second

-Armor Ignore will almost 1 shot your target, I suggest getting one or two good hits then armor ignore for the kill.

As i write this i hit skill cap of 720 on this build… -Sissy

Chiva Tamer
Written by Sebazai

105 taming
110 animal lore
120 disco
120 music
65 chivalry
100-110 vet
110 peacemaking
Of course here comes those +15 from jewels in hand… But you need slayer instrument and then you disco and “all kill” and use bandages on pets, if they get low, just Close Wounds (Obsu Vulni) with Chivalry (you're supposed to have 15k karma as tamer) Stats: 125, 30, 70 int….

Of course you need luck 1200+ don't care about resist so much ;) and FC 1 comes handy on wep, shield and jewels This build seems to be the easiest way to make money and PvM on AoS, get artifacts and good item from luck % drops. Not the only way to farm money/items just the easiest.

Chiva Archer
Written by Sebazai

120 Archery
115 Musicianship
120 Discordance
65 Chivarly
100 Tactics
100 Anatomy
100 Healing
Here is good template, use Bow Of Hephaestus It has good props, and you are capable to get over 1200 luck if you use Necklace of Fortune or Armor of Fortune, they both have 200 luck.

Then you use “Enemy of One” Chiva spell, and disco the for example, skeletal dragon and you have slayer bow, enemy of one, and damage increase, maybe add Consecru Arma (Concentrare weapon) spell to that and you'll do alot of damage. Stats goes upto you, high dex is important, maybe 100… And 120 from jewels then and then you chug a pot and you are 140… It's enough, so base dex 100, str 90, int 30… Use Gloves of Lepracon It's +10 dex and 140 luck, they rock for this template (even tho they are hard to get, you can get them from Plague Quest and Forgotten One, if it'll be implemented).

Necro Mage for coon
Written by Sebazai

100 spirit speak
105 necromancer
100 resist spells
110 magery
105 eval int
100 wrestling
100 meditation
Then get LRC LMC suit, go lich form (so you get more mana), wither spam those animal @ coon. And do whatever till they die, summon EV:s etc.

PvP Builds
Thief [sigil spec'd]
Written by X Lady X

Credit also goes to Woah Nightfall, He taught me alot about Factions and Commanding Lord/Lady. A vote is never wasted on Woah Nightfall or X Lady X.

100 Magery
100 Evaluate Intelligence
100 Med
100 Spirit speak [necromancers eval int, also heals through poison & mortal strike]
100 Necro [allows you to get into vamp form + more nukes & DoT's strangle, poison spike, pain spike, vengeful spirit, blood oath]
80.0 Stealing [minimal needed for faction sigils]
90.1 Wrestle [stun/disarm]
29.9 Resist [trapped pouches + a decent pvp suit]


100 STR [gives you 100 hp to work with + items]

35 DEX [since you run away a lot, a little more dex is needed]

90 INT [I don't like anything less than 100 99% of the time, this is the exception because your not so based on killing as you are just living, 90 is more than you need to live on and at the same time more than enough for a 2v1 gank in your factions favor. You can easily get over 100 int with a decent suit of armor which you need in the first place for this build]


This is not the best “pvp” “duel” build by any means, at best hope to take out the other sigil runners. It just comes down to the fact stealing has always been fairly useless except in a closed duel ring with reg limits. Pretty much a wasted 80.1 but it allows you to run the sigils, key words here are run, don't sit next to billy bad ass on his sword tank mage while he drops you just run, houses that you can run into are also your friend, anything in the ways of the moongates, or faction bases are always a nice thing to have a small house nearby, simply to login and see if your sigil timer is still going from earlier but thats only for minax and SL sigil runners. Its best to make a pure 'pvp' build on a second account and join your faction, if you wish to kill billy bad ass on his whatever.


-Even one other guild member running to help you run sigils/kill oj's will cut your total sigil run time in half and better your chances of survival. 4 people can swoop the sigils in 2 sigil room sweeps the quickest.

-Check your sigils timers always, bring a friend if they are on and continue on to the factions dungeon and check for ANY oranges, if you rez kill a guy 50 times on his tamer/bard, hes surely not going to fuck with your sigil timer any time soon, maybe kill you with a PvPer if you don't run.

-Don't ever run past west brit bank, or the graveyard, your a thief your not supposed to be seen running away with the sigils, plenty of other ways to get around those two hot spots without being seen.

-Just run/house hide, not even fight, your a sigil runner not sigil duelist

-Learn to ignore people who cry about running/house hiding

-Expect to die, get used to it until you get good at escaping and not being seen with sigils

-Always carry trapped pouches, potions only help you if you can afford 5-6k per keg of potion you use, I suggest strength, refresh, cure & heal.

Necro Sword [DP/Disruption/DPS townie]
Written by X Lady X

100 Swords [cleaver is simply the best for this build, bleed/DP]
100 Spirit Speak [healing,adds dmg to your strangle]
105 Necromancy [you'll never fizzle your strangle]
100 Resist [duh]
100 Poison [DP on command]
80.1 Healing [enough to rez/support yourself]
80.1 Anatomy [enough to rez/support yourself]
28.8 Meditation [passive MR doesn't hurt a thing]
STATS 100 STR [gives dmg bonus at 100 str]

80 DEX [enough dex to dex them to death with]

45 INT [use your mana wisely, get + mana items get lower mana cost items]


Pretend your about to pk someone who doesn't see it coming, you run in with strangle pre cast and drop it on your target. This starts the target off badly as they already have one DoT on them, run up to them hit them once, now prep bleed, hit again and release the bleed. Now to recap we have strangle one DoT on them and bleed another DoT spell on the target. Now DP the target for a third DoT. At this point they are triple dotted with a dexxer chasing them, just not an easy situation to get out of for most builds unless the build is designed to destroy necro warriors like some builds are spec'd for.


Since mana is crucial to you living and doing damage I suggest you carry potions with this one as well, I mean if your a dexxer and you don't use refresh pots, once your stam is gone in a fight its pretty much gone and your going to lose. So refresh pots don't hurt a thing, Since you use psy dmg which can be increased by STR, chug strength pots as well, same with dex for swing speed. I wouldn't suggest disarming to cure/heal when you have vamp embrace and spirit speak and yes since you have 0 wrestle don't disarm and chug refresh/strength pots right next to your target.

DP Tank Mage
Written by X lady X

120 Magery
120 Eval
120 Resist
120 Swords
100 Poisoning
100 Med
40 Chiv or focus or 20 Focus with 120 med, 40 Chiv is best Stats
STR 100

DEX 18

INT 107

Getting a kill? Don't know this is Methodman's build I'm posting but I have fought enough of these to know how I get killed.

It comes down to a few key things, Disrupt a must for a mage of any build on uor or aos. Bleed bleed hits like nox its a “DoT” [Dmg over time] this of course adds to your disruption chances on your target. Infectious strike Unlike uor pvp you don't randomly DP, you choose when you release your DP charge at the cost of mana.

Weapon = Cleaver has the best DPS [dmg per second] and Bleed/DP attacks

Armor This is a personal choice, some people hate using regs so lower reg cost is always a must for me, some of the hardcore pvpers choose have an extra item bonus on their items in replace of the LRC and carry regs. Good specs on armor for this build would be

LMC [Lower Mana Cost] MR [Mana Regain] Good resists [duhhhhhhhhh] +HP +Mana or Int


So lets go over it again, your target is bleeding and DP'd on your command making it kind of hard for them to cast, not impossible to get spells off but not exactly easy. At this point you can disrupt with spells and reapply DP/bleed when it wears off. Not to mention your also able to cast DP nox's as well as your weapon hit DP.


The one thing to watch out for while using a build like this are weapons that disarm you, as your passive D is based on having your sword weapon in your hands at all times, you'll need a hot key for arm/disarm left/right hand so when you do run into someone with disarm you can just run around them in a circle for a few seconds until you can rearm and attack again. Thank you Sebazai for the tip on the disarmers in another thread a while ago

Proccing Dexxer
Written by X Lady X

120 Evaluate Intelligence [allows your weapon spells/procs will do some decent damage instead of just disrupting, fast weapons are best as they hit more, proc more. cleaver is ideal.]
120 Swords
120 Tactics
120 Anatomy
120 Healing
120 Resist
[I suggest you take Meditation, Focus or Chiv until you get all those scrolls]


105 STR

90 DEX

30 INT


Click N Chase
Bleed spam
Off screen before its to late, your a dexxer who only heals on band aid timer, off screen to fight another day.
Lethal Poison Mage
Written by Sebazai

100 poisoning
115 magery
115 eval
115 resist
110 meditation
45 chiva
120 fencing
STATS: 100, 15, 110, with stat ps 25, 110, 20, 120, 20 dex here cause you need to spam lethal…

Just spam the lethal spec, get a good kryss with SSI and maybe some hit spell, and just spam the S out of people, there's not actually any “guide” but spam that lethal :>

Wrestle Mage (against Necros)
Written by Sebazai

100 inscription 120 wrestling 115 magery 120 eval 110 resist spell 100 meditation 55 chiva STATS: 100 20 105: with +10 stat ps, 104 20 111, (never boost dex, just int or str if u get higher stat PS) the 20 dex cause of in sar is so OMG stam loss…

Pump your karma up to 15k ([karma) and then use Extermo Vomica if strangled, this template works against mages too, even though resist could be higher. But spam the spells ipy [in por yelm] fb [fireball] cause it's so spammable now, and then when a necro is low, Parablow FS LIght… Same goes for mages, and use that disarm and nox…

Necro Lethal Bleed Written by Sebazai

100 poisoning
120 SMS
120 Spirit speak
105 necro
115 tactics
50 anatomy
110 medit

STATS: 105 str, 20 dex, 100 int… with stat ps 25… 125 str, 20 dex, 105 int…

Use LoJ (Longsword of justice) lvl 10, and a cleaver, best is if the cleaver have SSI and fireball or magic arrow, this rocks against mages (becuase it disturbs mage spells), ofc use vampiric, (this one should use G agility and refresh and heal pots, and greater cure if lethal (ofc u gotta take vampiric away))

Mace Fight Dexer
Written by Sebazai

120 Parrying
120 Mace Fighting
110 Resisting Spells
100 Healing
105 Anatomy
115 Tactics
50 Chivarly

That's a basic Mace fighting dexer, I would say a +25 Stat scroll is a MUST on this template, or +20… But stats without would be like 80 125 20, with stat scroll +25, 100 125 25, Get suit with LMC 20+ and mana inc alot, good mace fight weps and just swing them and use specs, disarm, bleed, AI, mortal… Whatever you like, also pots are pretty necessary. Karma high, chivarly spells against necros or curse, and if you get 4 FC, this template will be even better.

Poison Dexer
Written by Sebazai

115 Parrying or Resisting Spells (You choose)
120 Fencing
100 Poisoning
115 Tactics
105 Healing
110 Anatomy
55 Chivarly
Stats, 80 str, 125 dex, 20 int. With statscroll you choose what to raise, more int so you can spam more lethal, or more str so you do more dmg.

Get a good kryss (Damage Increace, Hit Mana leech, are the important once, HCI SSI makes it better ;>) and apply D poison on it and attack you enemy, as soon as he is cured, infect him again. That way they are easy to kill, if you know you have extra mana, hit AI. With a good kryss you hit about 35 AI, and it's pretty good because kryss's base damage is so low.

It's hard to keep up your karma because when you apply poiso on your wep, it decreases your karma with ~200.

Written by The Medicine Man

120 Eval Int
120 Magery
120 Wep skill
115 Resist spells
100 Inscription
80 Meditation
65 Chivalry

STR 105

DEX 15

INT 105

Alchemist Macer Procer
Written by Kas0m

120 Macing
115 Eval
75 Anatomy
70 Healing
100 Alchemy
120 Resist
120 Tactics
STR 100

DEX 95

INT 30

Written by Kas0m

100 Archery (120 with hunter`s headdress)
120 Tactics
120 spirit speak
120 Resist
115 Evaluate Intelligence
85 Anatomy
60 Necromancy


STR 100

DEX 80

INT 45

Get composite bow with mana leech hit lighting ssi [swing speed increase] armor ignore pain spike armor ignore = over 140 damage if you are lucky.

Necro healer
Written by Sebazai

115 Macing
100 Healing
115 Anatomy
115 Tactics
120 Spirit Speak
105 Necromancer
rest to medit or focus maybe?
STR 80

Dex 60

INT 85

Pots and vampiric, get the stam of by target and then summon a death adder and keep him busy ;>

Written by KoKane

115 Magery 115 MagicResist 120 Eval 120 Swords 120 Med 100 Inscribe 40 Focus


STR 105

DEX 15

INT 105

Written by Araith

I'll just post my necro caster template even though it's crazy:

120 Necromancy
120 Spirit Speak
120 Swordsmanship (bone harvester, will be using ubws warfork too probably)
120 Resisting Spells (Protection, arch protection by a scribe, +30 resist on jewels)
120 Meditation
120 Focus
STR 100

DEX 15

INT 110

Play style

The character has infinite mana you can spam all you like, people will probably hate you as with casting only your damage possibilities will be limited and you'll probably be using revenant and familiars. Mortal is a lot of fun and it won't make you run out of mana (My char has about 140 mana 10mr). If anyone has a statscroll for mehh I can use him more often but currently he dies too fast as he has like 96 hit points and only spirit speak (and possibly potions) to heal with.

Stealth Archer
Written by Sebazai

100 archery, eat 120 PS and use hunters headdress
100 hiding
100 stealth
110 resisting spells
100 healing
105 anatomy
105 tactics
STR 90, dex 125, int 25.

Max 30 int, str 100, dex 125 with a +15

So what you have to do is get that 45 AI cap, then when you see someone is low, hit the AI, maybe abit mana inc so you can hit twice, and get much stam inc 2, so you can hit 1.25 sec. Join faction and then you just wait for the opportunity to drop someone, very fun tbh. :)

bleed/dmg mage
by aurelka

I'll write my base mage's skills and stats (Roflcopters) it needs 25+.

120 fencing [based on bleed]
110 rs [hm]
115 eval [its min for this temp]
105 mage [better chance to cure dp than with 100 mage]
100 scribe [10% sdi is always welcome <3]
115 medit [its enough]
55 chiv [at least 7k karma ]
stats: 115/18/117.


Mr and lmc You need at least a 10 mana regen + 30 lmc set with 30+ hci. Weapon: warfork of course with hit fireball/ipy [it works fucking uber when u hit bleed/sturb], if u have some with hit spell + hci or dci.. even better. Resists my resists are 60/68/67/70/70.. but it's pretty hard to get something like this . Increases hci dci etc.

10 hpi increase[it makes us ~120hp with 115 str ;)] as we are 118 int we don't need mana increase stamina increase is important for this char. We need at least ~15 stam increase (i use 15 si+18 dex makes me enough to swing and hit bleed a lot) Sdi..Hmm as we are dmg'ers we should have at least the 10 sdi (hotm, or if u don't have take jewels) [makes it 10 sdi + 10 frmo incribe = 20 sdi, so we can light cursed mage with 17-21 dmg :>]

hci. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im 30 its enough for me with 120 fence dci. There's the point I'm 45 with heart of the lion :D Playstyle: 1. attack enemy 2. curse him, then start “bleeding” 3. take him like 20-30dmg without poisoning on start (when he is keeping bleeding, if he's not do so;) ) 4. when we took ~20-30% opponent's dmg we can bleed + nox him. a tip: when u wanna pwn op. first bleed then with prepared poison- nox him. 5. now sturb him with bleeds, weakens, lightnings, ipys. a tip: Noob spam is (wihtout bleed, with it works better) Poison, weaken weaken weaken light,waeken light, weaken light, weaken light… It works nice a tip: don't forget regs

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