Welcome to NoTramAoS: A No Trammel Age of Shadows Ultima Online Free Server

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Port: 2593



NoTramAoS – A No Trammel Ultima Online: Age of Shadows Free Server

How To Connect:

1.) Download and Install an Ultima Online Client

2.) Download and Install ClassicUO, UOSteam, UORazor, Sallos, or any other launcher to connect to free servers. We suggest ClassicUO!

3.) Configure the launcher with the correct “Shard” and the correct port. The NoTramAoS shard address is:


Port: 2593

4.) Start the game with your chosen launcher

5.) Accounts are automatically generated on NoTramAos. Simply put in a unique account name and password and the account will be made.

6.) Select the only server available which should be NoTramAoS.

7.) Create a new character. We suggest starting as a female because you have double the choices of armor which makes it easier to assemble a great suit of armor. A skill ball and a statball are placed into your bag when starting a new character as well as an ethereal mount. The skillball will allow you to set 7 skills to 75% and the statball will allow you to set your stats. They cannot go over 100 and you must use all of your points. We suggest 100 str, 25 dex, 100 int to start.

NoTramAoS Wiki




Key Stats and Information

No Trammel

Age of Shadows

Towns Have Guard Zone

720 Skill Cap (700 to start)

250 Stat Cap (With 25 Stat Scroll. 225 to Start)

Fast Gains. Skill Ball to Set 7 Skills to 75.0 to and Stat Ball to Choose Stats to Start With

2/6 Mage Casting

15% SDI PVP Damage Cap

45 Damage AI PVP Damage Cap

1200 Luck Cap (With extremely diminishing returns thereafter) for Hunting

No Luck Cap for Artifact Chance in Doom

RunUo 2.6

One House Per Account

No Account Limit

(We will handle abuse case by case)

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag and Leader Boards at Brit Bank
Capture the Flag and Leader Boards at Brit Bank

Capture the Flag starts everyday at 6:30 Central Time. To enter talk to the Event Master at Brit Bank. The event is open to be joined for 10 minutes and then is closed for new players. Up to 4 teams can play. The teams are picked at random and a leader board with stats can be found at the bank.

Pentagram PvP Event

Pentagram is a daily PvP event held at Bucs Den. A player must stand on the pentagram for 2 minutes to receive a random price. Stepping on the pentagram turns players grey.

The Lost Lands

The lost lands have no insurance and have rentable chests for banks. Players do not have access to their banks while in T2A. Runes cannot be marked and no player housing is allowed. Loot is increased in T2A. You can bring items back and forth for a fee per item. The Lost Lands also have verite gems as a currency.

The Forgotten One

The Forgotten One spawns in Khaldune in The Lost Lands and starts with a 100% chance to drop an artifact. The spawn times of the Forgotten One are random but about every 2 days. The chance of getting an artifact goes down the longer he has been spawned. Remember! T2A has no insurance!

Decaying Treasure Chests

Dungeons and other areas have randomly spawning Decaying Treasure Chests. Most require lock picking to open and all have unique treasures depending upon where they are found. The Decaying Treasure Chests also drop mini-boss keys.

Dungeon Mini-bosses and Keys

Dungeons often have keys that drop from monsters that allow players to fight a unique mini-boss. Keys can also be found in the Decaying Treasure Chests.

Hunter BODs

Hunter Bods can be obtained once every 6 hours from hunters. They are bulk order deeds for monsters that have rewards when turned in. Both large and small bods exist and large bods must be filled with the corresponding small bods like crafting.

Duel Arena

Bucs Den Duel Arena

The Duel Arena is Open Once a Day and has two gates that lead to it. One on top of Brit Bank and the other at Bucs Den near the pentagram. The Duel Arena has multiple types of duels you can challenge players to as well as a leader board on the side of Brit Bank.

Hidden Cryptocurrency Puzzles

Cryptocurrency of various forms has been hidden around the entire world. To get started click on the books found atop Brit Bank.

Texas Hold`em Poker

Players can gamble at the building behind Brit Bank. The only game available is Texas Hold’em.

Exporter and Importer

The Importer and Exporter are both found near the docs of Brit. The Exporter will take the common bod rewards from blacksmithing like gargoyles pickaxes and shovels and give you coins for them that can be used at the importer.

Plagued Monsters

Plagued Monsters



Plagued Quest

Plagued Quest

Brit Rune Book Library

A Rune Library in Brit exists for easy access to several dungeons and spots around the world.

The Mutant Core Quest

The Mutant Core Quest

Brit Grave Yard Warriors Cursed Cave

Brit Grave Yard Mages Cursed Cave

Copper Bars

Copper Bars

Copper Bar Reward Vendor

Copper Bar Reward Vendor