Welcome to NoTramAoS: A No Trammel Age of Shadows Ultima Online Free Server

Connect to NoTramAoS notramaos.servegame.com Port: 2593 https://discord.gg/U6UmRzg CLICK TO VOTE Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/NOTRAMAOS

NoTramAoS – A No Trammel Ultima Online: Age of Shadows Free Server

How To Connect: 1.) Download and Install an Ultima Online Client 2.) Download and Install ClassicUO, UOSteam, UORazor, Sallos or any other launcher to connect to free servers. We suggest UOSteam! 3.) Configure the launcher with the correct… Read More

NoTramAoS Wiki

Key Stats and Information No Trammel Age of Shadows Towns Have Guard Zone 720 Skill Cap (700 to start) 250 Stat Cap (With 25 Stat Scroll. 225 to Start) Fast Gains. Skill Ball to Set 7 Skills to… Read More